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Introducing the new Hillbreak Podcast

Over recent weeks, Hillbreak has released a mini-series of podcasts focusing on the top ESG topics for the real estate sector in 2020.

The first episode talks about the key trends driving the ESG agenda and then introduces our picks for the three principal topics for real estate organisations to be prepared for this year, in both public and private markets. The following episodes dive into greater detail, discussing each of those themes in turn, invariably highlighting some of the key risks and opportunities to look out for.

You can jump straight to each episode from the list below:

Episode 1: Top 3 Strategic Topics for 2020

Episode 2: Ambition & Leadership on ESG

Episode 3: Better Reporting & Disclosure

Episode 4: Climate Risk & Net Zero

We’ve really enjoyed recording this first Hillbreak Podcast series and we plan to do more soon. We’d love to hear what you think and would be delighted to hear any suggestions for topics you’d like to hear us tackle. And if you’ve got a burning opinion you’d like to air, then why not join us behind the mic on a future episode?

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