Hillbreak Investment Committee ESG Course

Hillbreak launches Investment Committee ESG Programme

Hillbreak, the leading provider of client learning on ESG, sustainability and impact for real assets, has today launched a brand new learning opportunity for its clients, the Investment Committee ESG Programme.

The programme launch coincides with the much-anticipated release of the updated Acquisitions Sustainability Toolkit by the Better Buildings Partnership, for which Hillbreak performed an independent critical review role.

Good decision-making is critical for the success of investment portfolios and assets. Increasingly, these decisions need to be informed by the ESG risks, opportunities and impacts of the investment or transaction in question.

Hillbreak’s IC (Investment Committee) ESG Programme is an opportunity for those in investment decision-making roles – in both direct or indirect investment contexts – to come together to ensure they have a good understanding of material ESG issues and the ways in which they may impact on risk and performance. It also helps them to spot any material gaps in the information presented to them.

Emulating the format of IC meetings – and with expert insight, facilitation and challenge provided by Hillbreak – these customised, scenario-based sessions provide the opportunity for ICs to explore the implications of ESG factors and how to address them in a strategic and transactional context. It enables IC members to hone their skills using realistic example deals, before capital is put at risk on real ones.

Spread over three modules, supported by a range of supporting materials including hypothetical IC papers, the programme covers:

  • ESG Policy Sprint – a critical review of ESG, sustainability and impact elements of the house and mandate-specific Investment Policy and examination of the responsibilities these place on the IC and the wider investment team.
  • Acquisitions & Allocations – structured discussions and exercises centred around the ESG issues and the investment responses to these based on two IC papers, focusing on capital deployment (e.g. asset purchases, investment allocations, CapEx underwriting).
  • Monitoring, Engagement & Exit – structured discussions and decision-making exercises focused on addressing ESG issues highlighted through portfolio monitoring and in preparation for exit.

The IC ESG Programme is available to full and co-opted members of Investment Committees, and may also include Heads of ESG or Responsible Investment where these are not members of the IC. The programme can be tailored to different asset classes and investment strategies whilst drawing upon specific client portfolio characteristics and examples to ensure high relevance to the decision-making group.

Jon Lovell, Hillbreak Managing Director, said:

“Over the last few years, we’ve delivered highly varied client learning programmes to dozens of organisations and thousands of participants. We work closely with clients to make each programme unique to their strategies, mandates and portfolios, and we’re always looking for ways to bring sharper focus to address the specific learning needs of individual roles. It is apparent that those with ultimate investment decision-making responsibilities must address an increasing breadth and depth of issues in managing ESG risk and capturing the value creation opportunities afforded by sustainability and impact. Through challenging, scenario-based learning and self-reflection, our IC ESG Programme seeks to enable them to do just that and we’re looking forward to supporting our clients to optimise their investment strategies in the pursuit of sustainable returns”.

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