Timia Berthomé

Training and Creative Manager

Timia has been working with Hillbreak since 2017 and is often our first-line response to initial enquiries as well as working behind the scenes to maintain a smooth process for clients, participants, and our team.

Timia puts together and sends out the course information and maintains contact with potential participants through the entirety of their course journey — from enquiry to registration, to onboarding and beyond. They take great pride in ensuring that each participant is individually cared for. When they’re not managing courses, they produce Hillbreak’s training media in the form of videos and podcasts.

Before working for Hillbreak, Timia was an admissions advisor at a further education college – responding to enquiries, offering guidance, processing large volumes of applications, arranging interviews, and eventually providing start information for hundreds of new students per cycle. While their role now is primarily a virtual one, it requires much the same aptitude for juggling multiple responsibilities and wearing many hats.

Alongside being the Hillbreak linchpin, Timia is an accomplished vocalist and a carpenter.

Timia Berthomé team photo