Originally Posted on 16 March 2020 at 11:30

Last Updated 9 July 2020 at 16:10

Hillbreak and APC Success are committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our respective staff, consultants, clients and training delegates, as well as the wider public, whilst continuing to deliver the high quality advisory and training services that everyone expects of us.

During this time of unprecedented global public health crisis, we are, of course, following evolving government guidelines carefully. We have been taking a cautious and proactive approach during the loosening of governmental and corporate restrictions, taking account of credible sources of information and advice. We would like to thank our clients for their understanding and cooperation in this regard. As the saying goes, we really are all in this together, and you can count on us to support your business and people in whatever ways we can too.

To date, we have adopted the following approach accordingly.

In particular, we have completed the full migration of our client training events to an online, live-streamed format, and we have been grateful for the support of a number of our training delegates who have experienced this new mode of delivery on a test-case basis. We really appreciate it. With their positive feedback, we have been able to complete the transition to online training delivery with confidence.

With this process now completed, our working and training delivery practices are operating in the following ways:

  • Keeping you informed: We are continuing to keep our clients and all delegates booked onto our training events informed of our approach and we are doing what we reasonably can to remain flexible to meet their needs, whilst ceasing all face-to-face events for the time being.
  • Training delivery (Corporate Clients & Individual Delegate Groups): Having deployed digital technologies to enable us to run all of our training sessions in a live-streamed and interactive format, the in-person delivery of training events (for all group sizes) has been suspended until further notice. We are able to accommodate all client participants using various platforms and are more than happy to make use of clients’ own technical solutions if they would prefer to do that.
  • Meetings: We are no longer travelling to client meetings and are requesting that all meetings be held online until further notice. All internal meetings are being held virtually. As a firm with no fixed premises, it is normal practice for our people to work from home, and our technology is very much tried-and-tested in this regard.
  • Staying healthy: We continue to advocate the need for good standards of personal hygiene amongst our staff and consultants, with reference to World Health Organisation guidance whilst encouraging all of our people to take the sensible steps with which they are personally comfortable to protect themselves and others from the virus. We also think the infographic below, prepared by the healthy work company, is a great model to follow for everyone working at home!

THWC Healthy Working At Home Fin Scaled

We are continuing to keep this position under regular review and will update this post accordingly.

Should any of our clients or delegates have any questions about this statement and its impact upon existing or planned training events, meetings or other engagements, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you just want a chat, give us a call!