Caroline McGill


Caroline has extensive experience developing and growing new financial services businesses and products, including many with specific environmental or social objectives.  Caroline’s professional interest centres on building investments which can be economically sound while contributing to environmental and social progress.

Her work with Hillbreak has included advice to private equity, institutional investment managers and listed investment vehicles on:

  • the development of ESG Strategy, Policy, implementation roadmaps, and sustainable finance frameworks
  • Executive training on:
    • trends in capital market allocations between traditional and sustainable investment products
    • current and future regulatory requirements and quasi-requirements for investors and intermediaries
    • non-financial disclosure requirements for financial products and financial market participants
  • advisory participation in Investment Committee and other governance bodies
  • assessment and selection of asset managers
  • development of environmental and social impact product strategies and impact measurement methodologies

She was investment director at Aviva Investors, providing specialist (FCA CF30) support for the $50bn AUM (£41bn) private markets business, which included property, infrastructure, structured finance and private corporate debt.  As part of this role, she led the development of the first over-arching Sustainable Investment Policy for real assets and helped to embed it in the investment and asset management processes.

Before joining Aviva Investors Caroline spent fifteen years at Deloitte, where she helped fund managers, governments and IFIs to make sustainable investments across broad range of asset classes, including renewables, energy efficiency, carbon trading platforms (EU ETS), social impact investing, social housing, urban regeneration and international development.  Caroline is especially proud of her work on the strategy and implementation of the:

  • £3bn Green Investment Bank;
  • £1bn British Business Bank;
  • £1bn Big Society Capital Fund;
  • $100m Dementia Discovery Fund;
  • £200m London Green Fund
  • £100m Northern Ireland Investment Programme;

and her work for the UN High Commission for Refugees to deliver pragmatic advice on interaction between the finance function, the global fund-raising team and the global aid delivery teams, balancing good financial management, long-term strategic programmes and short-term reactive spending requirements.

Caroline is a Chartered Accountant, and holds an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Caroline McGill team photo