Green And Blue Facade, Hillbreak Postcard

Leadership from COP21 Buildings Day

Today in Paris, the role of buildings in tackling climate change took centre-stage in the first ever ‪#‎BuildingsDay‬ at a Conference of the Parties (COP). Given that carbon emissions resulting from the use of energy in the construction and occupation of buildings accounts for nearly half of global emissions, it is clear that the building sector, in all its forms and across the entire value chain, has a pivotal role to play.

As well as advocating more intelligent and effective policies to drive the decarbonisation of the sector, building owners, occupiers and developers – as well as their supply chain partners – are beginning to demonstrate ever greater leadership by delivering projects and outcomes that go beyond policy requirements.

We say, all power to them! The more leadership they display, and the more they can prove the business and economic benefits of better performing buildings, the more confidence governments will have to hold their nerve on stretching regulatory trajectories to force the laggards in the industry to up their game.

For another example of some of the commitments made by leaders in the real estate sector at ‪#‎COP21‬ ‪#‎BuildingsDay‬ today, see the press release of the Corporate Leaders Group. It’s fantastic to see clients of ours amongst them.