Hillbreak joins City of Trees movement in Greater Manchester

Hillbreak is proud to have become a partner of the brilliant City of Trees movement in Greater Manchester, an innovative and exciting initiative that is set to re-invigorate the urban landscape by restoring underused, unloved woodland and planting a tree for every man, woman and child that lives in the City Region, within a generation.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of abundant, healthy trees and woodlands in the urban environment. They provide an essential, cost-effective contribution to liveability, improved public health, economic competitiveness and greater inward investment appeal. They have a major role to play in tackling issues such as poor air quality and the effects of climate change, whilst bringing an array of economic benefits, including supporting property values. With urban populations around the world continuing to burgeon, and at a time when city leaders, businesses, investors and the public are becoming ever more aware of the environmental pressures facing communities, economies and the built environment, the case for investing in urban green infrastructure has never been greater.

 City of Trees has the bold ambition of:

  • Planting 3 million trees; one for every man, woman and child across Greater Manchester;
  • Bringing 2,000 hectares of unmanaged woodland back into use for the community
  • Connecting people to the trees and woods around them

In addition to joining the growing network of private sector partners, notable for its many property developers and owners, Hillbreak Director, Jon Lovell, will also join a small Executive Advisory Group, providing advice and challenge to the City of Trees team and its wider network of partners.

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