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Our #climatepledge

We have written before about the massive significance of the upcoming climate negotiations (COP21) in Paris this December. This could be – and must be – a vital turning point in the global battle against climate change.

As part of the World Green Building Council‘s “Collective Commitment”, we are proud to have joined forces with the UK-GBC and many of its Members, as well as organisations around the world, in making our own #climatepledge.

In particular, our #climatepledge supports the inaugural “Buildings Day” at COP21 on 3rd December. Organised through the UN, Buildings Day is designed to help put the buildings and construction sector on a “below 2°C path”. A whole range of commitments are expected to be published, from an unprecedented number of partner organisations who are collaborating for maximum impact.

Our #ClimatePledge

Hillbreak aims to educate at least 200 people per year between 2015-2020, from global Executives to students and graduates, on the business imperatives of tackling climate change. That’s a minimum of 1,000 people in total.

Our Founders, Jon Lovell & Miles Keeping, commit to providing no less than one day per month of pro-bono time to industry efforts to address climate change and related environmental imperatives. That’s 60 days, or two months, each over the next five years.