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Urban Innovation Study Tours


Hillbreak is pleased to announce a new global service offering for clients wishing to experience, learn from and be inspired by international examples of innovation in the built environment.

Our immersive Urban Innovation Study Tours are individually curated to create a rich learning experience for leadership teams and decision-makers. They provide access to international exemplar projects, thought-leaders and organisations, in order to provide client organisations with the insight, inspiration and knowledge needed to drive innovation into their strategies and project delivery.

In order to remain competitive within the field of real estate, real-world knowledge and insight into the risks and opportunities associated with creative responses to global challenges becomes imperative. Through thoughtful planning and energetic execution, Hillbreak provides leadership teams with the opportunity to experience and learn from fascinating international case studies, including by hearing from those who have been instrumental in their realisation and continued success. Through these Urban Innovation Study Tours, the learning and experiential objectives are tailored specifically to the needs of individual client organisations. However, clients can expect to benefit from the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Deep insights gained for senior leadership teams by visiting international examples of best practice and innovation.
  • New inspiration found to help advance the strategic and operational approaches of the organisation.
  • Exclusive opportunities to hear and learn from those involved in the conception, development, financing, and management of exemplar projects and initiatives and with whom the transferability of lessons learnt can be explored.
  • New connections made with best-in-class organisations and individuals.
  • Greater productivity and impact gained from immersive and inspirational settings for reflection, debate, idea generation and foresight exercises.
  • Opportunities to spend quality time with colleagues away from the day-to- day distractions of the normal place of work.

Thoughtful and meticulous planning is required to ensure that each Urban Innovation Study Tour addresses the specific ambitions and challenges of the organisation and its portfolios, as well as the strategic issues of the time. Clients can therefore expect to be engaged fully from start-to-finish during the process of selecting and programming their bespoke Urban Innovation Study Tour. Whilst Hillbreak will develop ideas and do the heavy lifting to make them happen, we put the ownership of the programme in the hands of the client to ensure maximum buy-in internally. For more information, download our prospectus by clicking the image below, or email Lucy Matchett.  

Lucy has extensive experience of curating and facilitating international study tours, having taken groups of real estate leaders to global destinations ranging from Seattle to Tokyo to Copenhagen. She comes highly recommended!

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