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Investing in Tomorrow’s World with TH Real Estate

TH Real Estate, the top 10 global real estate fund manager with nearly $100bn of Assets Under Management, has launched its new Sustainability Strategy, Tomorrow’s World. Advised by Hillbreak, TH Real Estate has anchored its Strategy around four strategic pillars:

  • Preparing for Tomorrow’s World, which is constantly changing, by ensuring that the business, the assets it manages and the people it works with, are ready for the heightened pressures, growing responsibilities and new opportunities in the markets of tomorrow, so that TH Real Estate consistently outperform through the cycles.
  • Investing in the value of Tomorrow’s World, which is currently at stake, with investment strategies focused on opportunities which safeguard and enhance value for its clients, whilst making a lasting and positive difference in the cities of tomorrow.
  • Helping to create a Tomorrow’s World which supports thriving communities, businesses and ecosystems by creating outstanding places for people in the communities of tomorrow, where community-wide prosperity is unlocked and environmental systems are restored.
  • Ready to be part of Tomorrow’s World in which TH Real Estate is an active and positive corporate citizen, engaged and influential in the business of tomorrow.

This excellent new video, produced by The Edge Picture Company, conveys the philosophy of Tomorrow’s World and articulates how TH Real Estate is integrating its principles into its investment management processes.

Short-lived market cycles, evolving investor needs and sustainability pressures bring with them significant challenges. Our people deliver unique investment solutions today, by focusing on the structural trends that will shape real estate tomorrow. The local and global expertise across our business, combined with a collaborative and responsible approach, enables us to unlock opportunities and deliver excellence in Tomorrow’s World.

TH Real Estate, 2016

It was Hillbreak’s privilege to advise and provide training support to TH Real Estate. Working closely with the Executive Leadership Team, our role has been to bring insights on the key Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) trends that are shaping real estate markets around the world, to work with the Senior Management Team to integrate ESG objectives and considerations into the various operational and investment management functions of the global business, and to provide advice and training support on key areas of implementation.

Throughout the process of evolving the Tomorrow’s World concept, which in our view provides a genuine point of differentiation for TH Real Estate from its peers, we have been struck by several hallmarks of the business:

  • A highly engaged and sincere Executive Leadership Team, with a strong appreciation of the need for a foresighted approach to Sustainable Investment;
  • A well connected operational platform with an empowered Senior Management Team, providing the basis for well-targeted ESG objectives and interventions;
  • Award-winning legacies on which to build from the RPI activities of its predecessor organisations, TIAA-CREF and Henderson Global Investors;
  • A collaborative spirit between different teams, such as Product Development, Research, and Sustainability, which creates the environment for embedding RPI across the global TH Real Estate platform.

These attributes have been central to the successful envisioning and early execution of the Tomorrow’s World strategy, and we look forward to supporting TH Real Estate with the ongoing realisation of its RPI goals.