Investor Briefing on Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Commercial Real Estate Investors need to ensure that their fund and asset managers are fully prepared to deal with the liabilities that will almost inevitably exist in relation to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, and that they have robust procedures in place to deal with these and any future risks. We’ve put this Briefing Note together to guide investors through the key elements and implications of the Regulations, and with the key questions they need to be asking of those mandated to manage their real estate allocations.

Hillbreak Investor Briefing On MEES (Sept 2015)

Hillbreak Investor Briefing On MEES (Sept 2015)

MEES Briefing Note For Investors

This is intended as a high-level and general introduction to the issues. Please contact us if you would like to discuss them in more detail. Hillbreak has helped a number of landlords to consider how factors such as lease type, lease events, tenants, income profiles and regulatory timetables present particular risks to their portfolios which could result in significant income loss, liquidity impacts or capital works being required.  With careful planning, Hillbreak has been able to minimise these types of risk with its clients.