St Pauls

Meeting the Future Needs of London

Projections for the growth of London point to a population increase of 24% over the next two decades, reaching 10.49 million in 2036, with anticipated employment growth of 17% over the same period. To meet this growth, the London Plan identifies the need for 49,000 homes per annum or 1.03m by 2036. Within that context, is a new approach to development and placemaking required to meet London’s needs and to maintain its global competitiveness?

We’ve been working closely with British Land PLC and Deloitte UK to consider how better to plan for the future growth of the Capital. It’s been fascinating to explore how global pressures are changing cities around the world and how this, combined with local demands, poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities for London.

The framework of potential interventions captured in this fourth (in a series of) discussion documents is intended to stimulate further debate, so do let us know what you think.…/meeting-the-needs-of-london-v1…