Miles Keeping co-edits unique new book on Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable Building Design: Principles and Practice

Miles Keeping, co-founder of Hillbreak, has co-edited a unique new book which offers detailed, environmentally-sound design solutions to a wide range of building engineering challenges. Sustainable Building Design: Principles & Practice, published this month by Wiley-Blackwell and co-edited by Miles with David Shiers, uses case examples and project data provided by engineers and designers at Arup Associates. It covers a broad range of relevant issues, with focused commentaries and explanations presented in an accessible format for use by students, busy practitioners and informed clients.

Whilst this book stresses the importance of a unified approach to design, the text is divided into six principal chapters, each addressing an important aspect of sustainable architecture and engineering. These chapters (Master Planning, Transport, Energy, The Building Envelope, Environmental Services, and Materials) may be read on their own or in sequence as part of a narrative. Throughout the book, photographs, architectural and engineering drawings and diagrams, examples, and other data illustrate the case studies. Numerous web links are provided to additional information. This inspirational book:

  • Focuses on the work of Arup Associates, the award winning architectural and engineering practice
  • Uses real-life examples of functioning buildings and structures to provide information and guidance on the development of sustainable solutions
  • Is packed with informative illustrations

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ISBN: 978-0-470-67235-8


About the authors:

Miles Keeping is a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Environmentalist working in professional practice. He co-founded the Hillbreak consultancy with Jon Lovell in 2015 and is Visiting Professor in Sustainable Real Estate at Oxford Brookes University.

David Shiers trained as an Architect and is currently Reader in Sustainable Architecture in the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University.