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Hillbreak Joins UK Green Building Council

On the day of its public launch, Hillbreak is proud to announce its membership of the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC)

Part of the World Green Building Council network, which now represents over 100 GBCs around the globe, the UK-GBC is a charity and membership organisation which campaigns for a sustainable built environment. It has a diverse membership of more than 400 organisations spanning the entire built environment. The majority are from the private sector, but public and third sector organisations are also represented.

Joining UK-GBC is a natural early step for Hillbreak, given the close alignment of our respective missions. Signing up to the UK-GBC Member Commitment is an extension of the impact that we are looking to make in the market through our consultancy and training services.

Our founders, Miles Keeping and Jon Lovell, have a long-standing association with the green building movement, both in the UK and around the world. Miles is a UK-GBC Ambassador, and a former chair of its Policy Committee. Both Miles and Jon have worked extensively with both the UK-GBC and World GBC on a number of ground-breaking projects, including:

  • chairing the World GBC Steering Group for ‘The Business Case for Green Building‘,  a seminal report that brought together evidence around the world on the costs and benefits for developers, investors and occupiers;
  • chairing the World GBC Steering Group for the ‘Health, Well-Being and Productivity in Offices‘ report, which has become a foundation for better understanding the impacts of green building attributes on the performance of occupants;
  • facilitating a Strategy Day for the Board of the World GBC in San Francisco, to envision the future growth and impact of the movement globally;
  • leading project management and research input to the UK-GBC ‘Plan for Growth‘, an ambitious initiative to envision growth opportunities for the built environment sector in a resource-constrained world.

Hillbreak is proud to be a UK-GBC Member, and looks forward to collaborating with the organisation and its Members in pursuit of our common goals.

UK Green Building Council Member

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