About Us

We launched Hillbreak in 2015 to help real estate organisations optimise the impact and productivity of their built and human assets.

We do this through a unique blend of consultancy and training services.

Our consultancy services, which are particularly focused on Environmental, Social & Governance matters, combine strategy, foresight, risk management and advocacy. In this way, we help organisations and their leaders address and embrace changing market and regulatory demands, all the while engaging positively with their stakeholders.

We provide real estate education and training across a range of property disciplines and this provides the perfect complement to the advice we give. In addition to running training programmes for client organisations, we also support individual professionals, from graduate to Executive level, to achieve the best possible results for their own careers, whilst at the same time driving better performance into their businesses.

Our training services include our package of market-leading APC Success courses, through which we provide guidance, coaching and support to graduates as they seek professional qualification with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

We have established, over many years of working together, a combined reputation as leading advisors, thought-leaders, trainers and facilitators within the property and built environment sector.

It is our privilege to work with many of the best real estate organisations in the world, and we are proud of the impact we deliver with them.

Jon Lovell and Miles Keeping in front of St Paul's Cathedral, Milennium Bridge

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the global shift to a sustainable policy, business and investment environment in both public and private markets, with a particular focus on real assets and the built environment.

Our Philosophy

We bring objectivity and creativity to further our clients efforts to integrate the principles of sustainable development and responsible investment into their policies, business operations and investment decisions.

We unashamedly fuse commerciality and thought-leadership to advance triple-bottom line outcomes for our clients.

We do not believe that advocacy compromises independence or impartiality. Whatever our work, we are unswerving in our commitment to rigour and objectivity.

We believe passionately in collaboration and partnership – between people, organisations and sectors. We are expert in brokering dialogue and facilitating the pursuit of shared goals, especially in the context of industry and government engagement to improve policy effectiveness.

We understand that environmental, political, social and economic change presents opportunities as well as risks. We are mindful of both equally, and seek to harness opportunity whilst mitigating risk to enhance investment returns and business performance for our clients.

We believe in empowerment through knowledge and understanding. In the context of training, research, advisory work and strategy development, we take the time to build  our clients’ capacity to deliver solutions and manage performance outcomes.

Why Work With Us?

Our firm exists for a reason; we have a clear  mission and that drives what we do. We’re focused on, proud of and known for our impact.
We don’t do commodities or ‘churn stuff out’. We think about the right approach and outcomes for every client, recognising that each is unique.
We bring an objective, critical eye to clients’ work and the wider industry, helping drive better standards of sustainable and impact investment.
We understand and speak the language of investment and asset management, always putting our work firmly in the fiduciary and corporate context.
We tell clients and stakeholders what they need to heard, not what they want to hear. We’re not afraid to challenge, and we expect the same in return.
Our focus is strategic and spans the full spectrum of ESG factors. We help our clients make sense of complexity and interconnectedness.
We won’t compromise on integrity. Our independence is central to us upholding the highest standards of honesty and objectivity.
Our impact extends beyond our advice and the knowledge we impart. We want everyone who works with us to feel understood and empowered.
We engage with personality. We are trusted to do so on behalf of our clients too, acting as a broker of conversation and collaboration with their key stakeholders.
We don’t believe in ‘good enough’. We go the extra mile to make our work as good as can be so that our clients receive and benefit from the ver best support and advice .

Industry Affiliations

Hillbreak is a highly active contributor to, and collaborator with, a host of industry bodies and related organisations. We see this as an important function of our mission to enhance standards and practices within our sector, but we also believe strongly that it brings additional value to our clients because we can draw from, and introduce them to, extensive networks and insights from the UK and globally.

Regulated By Rics Logo

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Hillbreak is an RICS regulated firm, a designation awarded to firms which can demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the highest of ethical standards.

Real Estate Balance

Future of London

Miles and Jon are both Senior Advocate Members of Real Estate Balance, an association run by a group of female and male leaders from different organisations and disciplines engaged in real estate who are focussed on addressing the gender imbalance in our sector.

Ipf Logo

Investment Property Forum

Miles is an Operational Board Member of the Investment Property Forum and chairs its Sustainability Interest Group.

Uli Logo

Urban Land Institute

Jon sits on the Executive Committee of ULI UK, chairs its Sustainability Council, and sits on the Sustainable Development Council of ULI Europe.

Ebadge Sponsors

Future of London

Hillbreak is a signatory to the #DiversityPledgeLDN, a pan-London pledge to help development & infrastructure better reflect London’s diversity.

Uk Green Building Council Member Logo

UK Green Building Council

We are active Members of the UK Green Building Council, and Miles is a UK-GBC Ambassador.

Property Industry Alliance

Green Property Alliance

Miles chairs the Green Property Alliance, a property industry alliance body which acts as an umbrella for industry organisations with an interest in the sustainable development, ownership and occupation of commercial property.

Meet the Team

Miles Keeping & Jon Lovell founded Hillbreak in 2015, having previously led the UK and global Real Estate Sustainability practices of professional services firm, Deloitte.

They have established, over a number of years of working together, a combined reputation as leading sustainability advisors, thought-leaders and facilitators, especially within the property and built environment sector.

For a takeaway view of our unique blend of services, download the Hillbreak brochure.

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